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Emoji faces, also known as smileys, are now used in SMS and other social media apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp. What do emojis mean? What each emoji means is sometimes open to interpretation–further complicated by heart and hand symbols.Unicode has standards for what emojis should mean. However, they are not always used in the way that Unicode intended. Some communities may have their meanings. Snapchat, for instance, has its own set of Snapchat Emojis. What do emojis mean?These are the most popular emoji meanings.

Happy Face Emojis

These are the meanings for different happy-faced Emojis. They range from ones that have smiles to those that make you laugh…

Smiley Faces

Smiley Face with Smiling EyesandSmiley Faceare two of the most popular emojis. They are used to express happiness and positivity. These are sometimes calledShy FaceorBlushing/Blushed Face.They may occasionally be used to disarm some of the stings after mild criticism or insult.

Smiley Faces Other

There are many versions ofSmiley Face With Open Mouth.

Smiley Face with an open mouth and smiling eyes. Grinning Face. Smiley Face with a wide mouth and tight eyes.

They are all very similar to the more unadorned smiley faces. These emojis can be used to express more happiness. These emojis are usually very positive. These emojis are rarely used in conjunction with criticism or insult.

Smiley Face with Cold Sweat and Open Mouth

TheHappy Face With Open Mouth and Cold Sweatalso shows happiness but relief. This emoji often expresses joy over how a potentially horrible event turned out.This emoji could express your gratitude for passing a difficult test or getting the all-clear from your doctor.

Face with Tears of Joy

To express laughter, theFace with Tears Of JoyEmoji is used. This emoji has been used to replace “LOL” when someone sends jokes.

Rolling on the floor, laughing Face

Rolling On the Floor Laughing Face, the latest version of “ROFL”, is one of the essential internet slang terms.

Upside-Down Facial

Side-Down Facesuggests that you aren’t serious or are discussing something that seems absurd.It can also be used for sarcasm.

Zany Face

Zany Facealso displays flippancy. This is useful if you find something funny but silly. This is also known as the Drunk Face. However, it only indicates a loose mentality.

Sunglasses make you smile.

The smiling face with sunglasses is used for showing coolness. Sometimes it’s used to joke or mean “deal with.”

Flushed Face

TheFlushed Facialdisplays embarrassment over an embarrassing situation or mistake. This is often used to self-deprecate in response to compliments.

Face Savoring Delicious Food

You can use theFace Savoring Delicious foodto anticipate, during, and after a delicious meal. It is also known as the Hungry Face Emoji.

Nerd Face

A nerd’s facedemonstrates intelligence or passion about a subject. Sometimes, it’s used ironically.

Starry Eyes and a Smirking Face

Starry Eyesis when you are excited or starstruck.

Face with Party Blower and Party Hat

TheFace with Party Blower and Party HatEmoji are used when celebrating an event. This emoji is best used for a friend’s special day.

Flirty Face Emojis

Smirking Face

Smirking Facehas strong s e x ual connotations. Therefore, it is often used in conjunction with sexual innuendos and suggestions.

Winking Face

Winking Faceindicates that the message was intended to be humorous. Therefore, a Winking Face message should not be taken seriously.Winking Face is similar to Smirking Face. It often comes with suggestive messages.

Faces of Tongue Stuck

There are many variations ofFace with Stuck-Out Tongue:

Face with a stuck-out tongue and winking eye. Face with a stuck-out tongue and tightly-closed eyes

These can be used interchangeably with Winking Face for humour.

Get Relief from Your Face

Relieved Facerefers to relief. It is mainly used to express contentment.You can also use it to show innocence or aloofness when responding to an emoji.

Smile with Halo

A smiling face with a halois a sign of innocence. It can be used humorously or seriously.This emoji, for example, would be appropriate to use when you message your friends on Friday to let them know that you will be staying home for the night.

Devil Faces

TheSmiling Face with HornsorImpmay be used interchangeably to show naughtiness and mischievousness.They show subtle differences because one is smiling while the other frowns. Smiling Face With Horns is more often used to indicate minor mischief or more suggestive messages. Imp, however, implies more malice.

Kissing Faces

There are many popularKissing Faceemojis.

Face throwing a kiss Kissing Face with Smiling Eyes Kissing Face with Closed Eyes

They are a sign of love and romance. Of course, the small red heart makes Face Throwing a Kiss more romantic.You can also use the other three to demonstrate innocent whistling.

Smiley Face with Heart-Shaped Eyes

A smiling face with heart-shaped eyesconveys love, admiration, or gratitude. It can be directed at a person, place or thing.

Hugging Face

Hugging Faceis a way to send a virtual hug to the recipient.

Negative Face Emojis

Some emojis may express sadness or joy. There are many negative emojis.

Blank faces

Neutral FaceandExpressionless Facedisplay a lack of emotion. These may indicate that someone is indifferent, unimpressed, or awkward.

Unamused Face

Unamused Faceexpresses dissatisfaction or suspicion. This emoji does not express anger or sadness but rather a subtly negative emotion. For example, this emoji could be used to express your dissatisfaction with someone’s excuses for being late.

Face with Cold Sweat

TheFace with Cold SweatEmoji expresses stress or hard work. This emoji is used to refer to a particular situation. For example, this emoji can communicate that you have to stay late at work with a loved one.

Sad Faces

Pensive FacialandDisappointed Facialare two of the most common sad face emojis. Both convey sadness, regret, regret, disappointment or other negative emotions.

Pleading Face

ThePleading Face is used to ask for favors. These are the “puppy dog eyes”, and it’s rarely used in difficult situations. However, sometimes it can mean you are on the brink of tears.

Believe in Yourself, Not Disappointed

Relieved, But Disappointed Faceis used primarily to express fear or hurt.

Crying Face

Crying Facehas similarities to Pensive Face or Disappointed Face. However, it shows more hurt than general sadness.

Loudly crying Face

Loudly Crying FaceThis is a more robust version of Crying Face. It expresses hurt, pain, and anger. It is used ironically, unlike the other sad faces.

Be Worried About Your Face

Worried Facedisplays shock, horror and disgust.

Grimacing Face

Grimacing Facealso shows concern, embarrassment or awkwardness. It can be used if you are anxious about a message. This is similar towhich you might use SMH.

Face with a Raised Eyebrow

A Raised Eyebrowis a way to show scepticism and disapproval – perfect for when you don’t believe the excuses of others.

Face with Monocle

Face with Monoclealso expresses doubt about whether you are examining a message.

Lying to Your Face

The Lying Faceshows a nose growing, much like Pinocchio. If you suspect someone is lying, be careful.

Face without Mouth

Face Without Mouthindicates that you are speechless. Although it can be ironic, it often indicates that you cannot communicate your thoughts or feel comfortable speaking up when you’re angry or embarrassed.

Zipper-Mouth Face

Zipper Mouth Facecould indicate that you are unable to communicate the right words at this time. It’s used more often to indicate that you are capable of keeping a secret.

Face with Exploding Head

Face with Exploding Headdisplays shock and tells the recipient that you are blown away. This is used to express awe at something.

Face with Symbols Above the Mouth

Face with Symbols Over The Mouthreplaces a curse term. This is a way to express anger or annoyance.

Tired faces

A weary faceanda Tired faceboth signify tiredness. They are used often to indicate world-weariness or stress.

A Sleepy Face

A sleepy Facerarely refers to tiredness. It is more like it indicates that the sender has a severe illness or is unwell.

The Sleeping Face

Sleeping Facecan be used to indicate drowsiness instead ofNighty Face. It is challenging to communicate a message while you are asleep.

Confusion in the Face

Confounded FaceandConfused Facecan be used interchangeably to indicate confusion. The expression Confused Face can also express awkwardness or an apology. This emoji could inform someone that they have to cancel their plans.

Face with Triumph: The Look

Face with Look of Triumphis one of the most misunderstood emojis. This emoji is often used to express anger, frustration or triumph, sometimes ironically.

Angry Faces

Angrily FaceandPouting Facialboth display anger. The red Pouting Face is the more powerful of the two. However, they are not used humorously, unlike Face With Look Of Triumph.

Keep Fighting Face

The Persisting Facelets you know that you are struggling in a particular situation but not giving up and persevering despite your frustration.

Shocked faces

A frowning Face with Open Mouthandan Anguished facedisplay shock, horror, or disappointment. These are sometimes used to replace Pensive Face and Disappointed Face.

Scared faces

There will be slight differences between the Scared Faces.

Fearful Face. Face with Cold Sweat and Open Mouth Face Screaming in Fear (sometimes called the OMG Face).

These three exhibit varying levels fear. They range from being slightly scared by Face With Open Mouth and Cold Sweat to terrorizing with Face Screaming in Fear. All three can be used ironically.

Other Face Emojis

Some emojis may not represent a face or expression of a person. These are just a few of the emojis that you might come across…

The Monkeys

See – No-Evil MonkeyHear – No-Evil MonkeyandSpeak – No-Evil Monkeycan be used to express shock and embarrassment humorously. The message will determine which monkey is used.

Pile of Poop

Pile Of Poopcan almost always be used humorously. In addition, it can be used to replace or criticize a word or person.

Emojis for the Hand Symbol

Many hand emojis can be used online and in messaging to represent different gestures.

Signs for Thumbs Up and Thumbs down

Thumbs up Signindicates acceptance or agreement.Thumbs down Signindicates rejection, dislike or disagreement.

OK Hand Sign

TheOK hand signindicates acceptance, satisfaction, or that all is well. You can also use it to indicate that something is tiny.It can also be used to signify the “chef’s love” gesture.

Victory Hand

Victory Handcan be used more often to signify the same peace symbol. It is used to indicate coolness, relaxation, and satisfaction.

Person Raising Both Hands In Celebration

Person Raising Both hands in Celebrationis more commonly known asPraise hands. It’s used to show appreciation or support.

Open Hands

Open Handssignifies friendliness and openness. This can also send a hug, similar to the Hugging Face Emoji.

A person with folded hands

A person with Folded Handsis not intended to be religious. However, it can express thanks, pray or plead for help. It could also be used to ask for a favour.

Contact me

Call me Hand can, despite its name being, have many meanings, depending on the context.It can indicate that you wish to speak to someone by calling them. Pilots also use it to wish one another good luck. It’s also known in Hawaiian culture as the “Shaka”, meaning “hang loose”-a gesture of affection and solidarity.

Heart Emojis

When communicating online, you’ll see a variety of heart emoticons. Unfortunately, different versions have different meanings.

Red Heart and Sparkling Pink Heart

Red Heart, the classic emoticon for love, expresses affection, friendship, and romance. TheSparkling Pink Heartwill make your heart shine brightly and add to the conversation.

Coloured Hearts

How about all the coloured hearts? There’s:

Purple Heart. Yellow Heart. Green Heart. Blue Heart.

These are all very similar toRed Heart, but the object of their affection is usually related to the colour of the heart. Blue Heart, for example, is associated with blue jersey-wearing sports teams. The Yellow Heart, in the same way, is associated with summer and the sun.

Broken Heart

TheBroken Heart emoji expresses sadness in its purest form. You can use it ironically.

Emojis are changing the way we communicate.

Emojis, which are constantly evolving as communication tools, are still in flux.It would help if you communicated with the recipient not to offend them.

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